How our virtual debating courses work

What is a Virtual Debate Club course?


Purchase course tickets

New customers

Create an online account. This is where you can register your child’s details and tell us when you would like their sessions to run. You can also create an account for your child and tell us any information that you would like us to be aware of.

Existing customers

Log-in to your existing account and update your childs details and day/time preferences! If you are signing up a new child, you can register them in your account too!


Get set up and ready

Register your details

In order for us to allocate your child to the perfect club we need to collect some details. In a very small number of cases we may ask you to change the day of your club.

Specify club day & time preference and then we'll match your child to the best group based on their experience.

Take part and have fun!

Parent and student secure online account

Access your sessions each week through our online dashboard. Your child can learn from wherever they are as long as they have access to the internet! With one class a week after school, your child’s schedule is top of mind for us.

Develop confidence, key skills and feel engaged

Using Debate Mate's award-winning curriculum, your child will develop the fundamental skills necessary using a range of group activities and personalised feedback.

Receive awards, certificates & reports

During the course you will receive reports on your child’s progress and areas of improvement. Once they have completed the programme they will receive a final certificate.

Discover learning resources & future courses

Your child will get access to high quality resources to use between sessions. Finished a course? We have lots of options so your child can continue to debate, develop their skills and engage in current affairs

Read about our safeguarding efforts here

We understand if you change your mind and we are pleased to offer a full refund if you change your mind after the first session. You can request a refund by contacting us here. We ask that if you have any issues with the session or are unhappy at the level of service, to contact us and we will do our best to resolve the problem.